Elevator systems

Activity description

BREMA focuses on comprehensive services in the field of elevator technology, including, in particular, production, installation and service.

You can find our realizations in:

  • industrial objects
  • Prague metro
  • administrative buildings
  • medical facilities
  • both in the public and private sectors.

In our offer you can find these types of elevators:

  • personal
  • freight
  • bed
  • kitchen

Our services:

  • Complete turnkey construction from the project design documentation to the final approval
  • Production and installation of steel structure, if required for the elevator implementation
  • Complete service and inspection activities for VTZ (reserved technical equipment) and UTZ (specified technical equipment) facilities
  • Great emphasis on the quality, appearance and requirements of the customer

The basic requirements of BREMA are high-quality work and maximum customer satisfaction. We build the elevator according to each customer’s specific needs, according to his requirements for both design and technical parameters. We work with various materials such as steel, stainless steel, glass and wood, and we can satisfy even the most demanding customer or architect.

If the customer wishes to renew the existing lift, we are able to completely reconstruct it and adapt to the new requirements of the customer and ČSN. All our lifts comply with valid standards such as EN 81-1+A3, EN 81-2+A3 and from 1.9.2017 we also work according to the new standard ČSN EN 81-20.

Elevator systems


We do not only service on the equipment we implement, but we are able to provide it also for lifts made by other manufacturers. We have service technicians with many years of experience who carry out:

  • professional inspections (revisions) ČSN 27 4002, 274007 – 3 months
  • professional testing and electrical revisions ČSN 27 4002 B – 36 months
  • inspection checks, risk assessment – 72 months
  • operational inspections (fourteen days) ČSN EN 27 4002 C – 14 days
  • preventive maintenance ČSN 27 4002 C – 3 months
  • lubrication + cleaning – 3 months